World Art Exhibitions

Exhibition "L'Homme qui pleure" (The Crying Man) by Yan Pei-Ming and over 1,500 works of the extensive permanent collections in the recently renovated Fine Arts Museum in the old palace of the Dukes in Dijon

The Santon Museum, and numerous sculptures in the hilltop landscape of Les Baux-de-Provence by German painter, draughtsman, and sculptor Stefan Szczesny

Museum dedicated to Auguste Chabaud, who exhibited paintings alongside Matisse, Derain, Vlaminck and Picasso, and later focused exclusively on the rural life, the farmers, and the hills and trails of the Alpilles in the south of France

Paintings by local artists in the castle of the Medieval Garden of Uzes, including wild animal portraits, abstract paintings by Pierre le Cleach, and a group exhibition

More modern art in the beautiful Musée Estrine, St. Remy-de-Provence

The Bemberg Foundation housed in the Hôtel d’Assézat brings together numerous works of western art from the Renaissance to Impressionist masterpieces

At the crossroads of archeology and contemporary art, this exhibit questions our relationship to ancient worlds and the part of this heritage in what makes our daily life: comics, cinema and series, literature, plastic arts.

Fascinating original exhibition highlighting the link between prehistory and modern and contemporary art. Discover how artists and society have come under the allure of origins during modernity, yielding to a fantasy vision of what was before history.

A visit to a few of the extremely crowded galleries of the Louvre

Former quarry with art-based multimedia shows, projecting images of famous paintings set to music onto the huge bauxite walls, including shows of "Picasso and the Spanish Masters" and "Flower Power, LA Culture Pop"

A wonderful find in a corner of the centre ville of St. Remy-de-Provence in 2018: a gallery of sculptures and paintings both indoors and outside, with artists inside working at their craft and happily willing to chat with us

Modern art in the beautiful Musée Estrine, St. Remy-de-Provence, including a number of paintings by Albert Gleizes.

The lunatic asylum and former monastery where Vincent van Gogh voluntarily admitted himself in 1889. The museum preserves his second-story bedroom, and provides reproductions of work created here.

Exhibition "In the Rome of the Caesars" - the eternal city reconstituted by Gilles Chaillet: large-format reproductions of the original plates representing the districts of Rome

Garden art near the beach plus the Colline du Chateau or “Castle Hill” where a short flight of stairs decorated with ancient Greek mosaics provides a short visual review of Homer’s Odyssey

Art in Florence and other parts of Tuscany