What Have We Become

“WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?” Digitally Manipulated Photos with Encaustic Printed on Fine Art Paper 9″ x 12″ each panel Mounted on Masonite Panels, connected with chain links Outside Dimensions: 34″ x 37″ x 1″ deep ©2007 Marilyn Fenn

This 9-panel piece explores imagery which, through its imprint on us by the mass media, achieves a certain iconic power in its capacity to evoke dread, as well as doubt about the human condition — images of how we as human beings still treat other human beings.

These were inspired (if one can use that word in this context) by the horrific images from Abu Graib. After realizing that some of the Abu Graib images were recognizable in an instant, even if only in silhouette, I began searching for other images that carried with them such power of recognition — images with a similar theme. They weren’t hard to find.

The process I am using here entails digitally altering photographic images, which are then printed on fine art paper, mounted on board, and painted with encaustic.