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Nancy Rubins’s Chas’ Stainless Steel Mark Thompson’s Airplane Parts
Pictured: Nancy Rubins’s Chas’ Stainless Steel Mark Thompson’s Airplane Parts About 1000 Pounds of Stainless Steel Wire Gagosian’s Beverly Hills Space at MOCA (2001/2002)

Whenever we vacation in LA (to visit my husband’s father and his wife) I always try to see as much art as possible.

Sculpture at the MOCASo we made a new plan to go to the MOCA downtown. As it happened, they were installing a new show, so they only had a couple of rooms of art to view. The sculpture above, made of crashed airplane parts (if I remember right), and the figure on the right (with live birds) were in the courtyard outside the museum.

I had researched in advance to find some compelling exhibits, but once here, I sadly discovered that the painter I so much wanted to see at the ACE Gallery, David Amico, was not in fact showing there.

Inside were fabulous sculptures and drawings by LA artist Matthew Monahan. His sculptures are conglomerations of all sorts of materials, including sheetrock and wax, but we really enjoyed the heads he so beautifully drew and then folded into head shapes, sort of like origami — very beautifully done!

MOCA Focus: Matthew Monahan

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