Emerging from a Black Hole

Black-HoleIt feels like I am emerging from something like a black hole.  For the past month or more, I have been bogged down with several things that have interfered with my creative artistic endeavors.  I can’t even begin to express how much I’ve missed spending time in my studio creating new paintings and drawings, and living mostly in the right side of my brain.    😀

Basically, I have been parked on the couch in front of my laptop working almost every waking moment of every day and night for weeks and weeks, living on soup and crackers, and keeping some pretty weird hours.  I’ve even been avoiding Facebook!  THAT’s how busy I’ve been!

Our web server got pretty badly hacked in early February, breaking three of our websites, and I had to spend over a week cleaning up and fixing the fallout from that (Grrr!).  On the plus side, I created a new website for a client (Yeah!) and another new website design for a family member’s project.  I also spent at least a couple of weeks working on three new web design sites for an interconnected set of web design businesses (which I hope to unveil within the next month).

I almost never get sick, but for most of the past two weeks I’ve been sick with allergy-related illnesses (feeling mostly better now, thank you!).  Finally, while trying to recover from my allergies, I got a wild hair and decided to redesign this website.

Here, at least, is the result of some of my geeky efforts—another redesign of this site.   I have been moving toward more subdued colors in website designs (especially for artists!), and I think even my colorful work might look better against a more neutral background than before.  

Anyway, I hope you like the new design.  Plus, look forward to more art coming from me soon!

New Website and Blog for Texas Wax Encaustic Artists

New Website and Blog for Texas Wax Encaustic Artists

I’m pleased to announce that the encaustic group I belong to, Texas Wax, has just unveiled their new website and blog — designed jointly by artist and web guru extraordinaire Haley Nagy and yours truly.  Please feel free to check it out while we continue getting our artists added to the site.  There’s already plenty of information there: history of Texas Wax groups, upcoming classes and exhibitions, photos from previous exhibitions, resources, and plenty of ways to get involved. Link to Texas Wax website.

*June 2010: I have stepped down as webmaster of the Texas Wax website. It was a great and fulfilling challenge for the past year+, but it’s time I focus more on my art and design careers and less on volunteer work.