Three More Sketches from My Attic Discovery

Oh, I’m so glad I found these; I really was wondering what happened to the first one, which was a colored pencil study for a color woodcut that I never made.  The second sketch was an ink study for a single-color (B/W) woodcut that I did make, which came out well.  The third image was just an ink sketch of an in-progress painting in my tiny studio setup in the tiny house I shared with a roommate in 1988.  I did complete two paintings like that in the sketch — very colorful ones.  🙂

Study for Stargazer and Tiger Lilies Colored Pencil sketch 9″ x 12″ © 1988 Marilyn Fenn
Study for Speed Laces Pen and Ink sketch 9″ x 12″ © 1988 Marilyn Fenn
Abstract Painting in Progress Pen and Ink sketch 12″ x 9″ © 1988 Marilyn Fenn