New Paintings: It’s a Small World

"Chemical Valley" Oil on Canvas 5" x 7" © 2009 Marilyn Fenn (painting based on some crystalline concoction of various chemicals)
“Chemical Valley” Oil on Canvas 5″ x 7″ © 2009 Marilyn Fenn

This painting is based on a photograph of some crystalline concoction of various chemicals.

Four new paintings

These little 5″x 7″ paintings are what I would call representational abstractions based on the stuff of life seen under a microscope.  I love knowing how things are made and how they look, and often I best understand how something is made by painting it.  Microphotography allows me to see the tiny things that make up the world.  These paintings are not strict copies, but are based on microphotographs of stuff like soap film, chemicals, silica and other crystals and crystalline structures.

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