Studio Space – Does it Matter?

Studio - Office
The David Hockney version of my studio/office in a cleaned up, but still half-painted, state.  (view larger image here.)

I love seeing other artists’ spaces, and got just such an opportunity when Farrell Brickhouse posted pics of his friends’ palettes on Facebook a while back.  They have now been reposted on Sharon L. Butler’s blog, Two Coats of Paint, so you can see them, too.

I’d love to have so much space.  Last weekend at the encaustic workshop at Majestic Ranch, I got to work in a large, airy well-lit studio, on a large table with plenty of space for all my tools, palette, painting panels, and miscellaneous extras.  It really helped my workflow.

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Encaustic Workshop at Majestic Ranch, Boerne TX

Encaustic Workshop at Majestic Ranch, Boerne TX

I spent this past weekend with ten other members of the Austin group of Texas Wax in an encaustic painting workshop at Majestic Ranch in Boerne, TX.  Boerne is a lovely little Hill Country town located not too far from San Antonio.  Majestic Ranch is an Arts Foundation atop a hill with classrooms for painting, printmaking, ceramics, photography, sculpture, and more.  It also includes a pavillion and gazebo…and many breathtakingly beautiful views of the Hill Country.  When R&F comes to Texas, this is where they hold their workshops.

Early Saturday morning, I met up with the other Texas Wax artists in the hilltop classroom for the two-day, all-day workshop.  It was wonderful — kind of like being back in advanced studio classes at art school — each of us working on our own creative projects, and meanwhile chatting with other members of our art tribe.  Only this was over in just 2 days instead of a whole semester, so there wasn’t much chance to watch each other’s creative development, nor to get to know each other much better.  We did hang out for a while after the Saturday workshop, over dinner and a beer at a brewpub in Boerne.

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