5×7 Exhibition Continues at the Arthouse through June 12th

5 x 7 Show 2011

The 5×7 show at the Arthouse is open through June 12th, sooooo you still have a shot at picking up some wonderful small art.

Crowds checking out some of the art
Crowds checking out some of the art

I did not end up going to the ArtSplurge (the first night opening when the art is initially revealed and available for sale), but the Art Social on the second night was great! There was pizza and beer, good live music and lots of friends, and a gazillion wonderful 5×7 paintings and sculptures!

Some of the old building preserved
Some of the old building preserved

The renovations at the Arthouse are excellent, allowing for much more exhibition space. The beauty of the old building has been preserved while also injecting some gorgeous contemporary design elements. I really love the modern variation of glass block windows.

Modern version of glass block windows
Modern version of glass block windows

There were several art pieces in protest of the firing of the Arthouse’s curator.  Here are a few of the protest pieces I saw.

And see some of the gorgeous art on that’s still on view at the Arthouse here (my two paintings are among this group of pictures; can you find them?): Art Openings: 5×7 Show 2011 Opening.


There is No Seam

Louis Finkelstein-Hanover Center II 1998 oil on canvas 38 x 42 inches
Notes from “Thoughts About Painting” by Louis Finkelstein from “Painterly Painting,” 1971

“Between technique, vision, design, expression there is no seam; neither is one thing the cause and another the result.”

“Painterly…the subordination of individual objects to the sense of the circumambient medium, or the rendering of optical values as distinct from tactile, or as giving weight through color rather than through modeling, or as a distinction of focus through variations of brushstroke, etc.”

“Each painter’s idiosyncratic painting style is the…realization of several successive kinds of reading into the way paint symbolizes air, matter, space, light, flesh.”

“…sustaining of penetration so that the artist continually moves past a simply available solution to one which has greater depth.”

“What we take to be the same color when it has a vague edge is perceived completely differently from when it has a defined edge.”

“color modified by reflected light”

“color modification by simultaneous contrast”

“the amount of visual information which is capable of being transmitted by optical arrangements is in excess of what we require.”

“Rembrandt’s reduction creates and fortifies expression. This is because it acts out the way in which we find meaning in our living experiences.”

“Every choice, every action which decides something about each event must be taken with a view to the longest structure in time and sound which will give to the separate elements the most articulate meaning.”