Artists Talk at Austin Metrohouse

Artists Talk at Austin MetrohouseWe went to a really nice exhibit today in the modern architecture setting of Metrohouse, where they were showing the work of 3 local artists: Andrew Long, Steven Dubov, and Roi James. Great venue in which all the work looked fabulous!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Andrew’s — of both his work and his person. He showed a lot of small paintings I hadn’t seen before, and several of the tiny 8×8’s, including one of my very favorites. He also showed his latest large works and some beautiful medium-sized pieces.

I love how his work is informed by his years of experience as a choreographer. You can enter his paintings in one place, imagine yourself sliding under or behind a shape and coming up between several of the other shapes.

Stephen Dubov’s work is really something…he’s using windshield glass and breaking and bending it, then tying it together with bolts and cables and weights in some incredible ways. He compared his work to humans — fragile and vulnerable, yet sharp and tough. He talked about art and beauty over the last many decades — in the ’40s, when art and beauty got a divorce, as he put it; then in the 50’s when art started abusing beauty. Now, he hopes there may be a reconciliation. He’s courting beauty.

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