Something to Think About Regarding the “Art World”

I found a conversation online that, in some ways, echoes some of the conversations some of my artist friends have been having on Google+ for quite awhile, though at a level perhaps a bit beyond the dreams some of us have. Still, the blog post, and some of the comments below it make for some interesting reading.

“The status quo in the art business simply cannot persist much longer”

The above is a quote from Ed Winkleman in a recent-ish post on his blog. He then goes on to quote Benjamin Genocchio:

““I have this gnawing feeling that the time is ripe to make something new and exciting happen in the art world. I’m not exactly sure what that is, but I’m convinced that fairs, galleries, auction houses, even museums are changing the way they do business and that the art world we know now will be almost unrecognizable in 20 years’ time.””

And then Winkleman adds:

“In my humble opinion, the most important appraisers of any artwork are other artists, because its potential influence (or not) on them will play a role in the future of art history. The dialog among artists reigns supreme among my interests in the art world. Nothing else comes close to being as exhilarating or eye opening. So it’s upsetting to hear that “sterile” is the word often used to describe what these artists report seeing in the galleries.”

I don’t have much to add, other than that I found the entire post and most of the comments quite intriguing and well worth a read.

Read the whole blog post of Ed’s on his blog.

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