Returning to the Blog

Wall of Paintings in Progress

It has been quite a while since I last blogged here.  At some point around five years ago, I came to realize that the whole cycle of painting and posting on social media had gotten out of hand — posting for a virtual reaction too soon to properly evaluate my paintings.  I wanted to begin creating again without the pressure of responding to other people’s opinions, so I decided to quit posting my work online for a while.  That while just happened to last a few years longer than I planned.

I’m back now!  I have just redesigned and rebuilt my original blog which already contained 10 years’ worth of posts and pictures, plus I added quite a few new galleries of photos from various art exhibits from Austin, the US, and Europe (with more still to be added as I edit the files).  I’m truly glad to have my blog back.  There’s a lot of good stuff here!  (YMMV).  I do hope you find something of value.

Next, I must get my fine art site and my art shop working…bear with me; it could take a while!

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