Real and Imagined at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Press Release


September 19, 2008

Contact: Marilyn Fenn

Real and Imagined Art Show in Fort Worth



Five Austin artists take their show on the road, proposing five distinctive views of the weirdness of both life and the imagination. “Real and Imagined” will appear at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center from October 3rd, through October 29th, with an evening reception on Friday, October 3rd, 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

At mid-career, these artists can point to rich and varied backgrounds and bodies of work. Jill Alo paints dreamlike images that, like dreams, can be both heavy and light, offering the viewer multiple layers of meaning. Her unexpected use of color conveys angst as well as humor. Linda Anderson’s paintings explore a lifelong interest in symbol and allegory. Integrating a classic decorative line with universal themes, her work invites and rewards repeated contemplation. Kathleen Claps’ quirky, often witty acrylic paintings reference a rich internal narrative and quietly challenge the notion of a benign and orderly world. Marilyn Fenn’s paintings explore the tension between abstraction and representation—exploring the luscious arrangements of paint on the surface of the canvas interacting with the illusion of the third dimension—to create vivid and compelling work. William Wahlgren’s canvases blend traditional glazing techniques with a minimal sensibility. Suggestions of subtly modulated skies or foliage create a rich yet monochromatic atmosphere of sheer imagination.

As a group, these artists represent a diverse array of mid-career accomplishments, from teaching to regional and national gallery representation and exhibition histories. For more information visit the Fort Worth Community Arts Center website at or call (817) 738-1938.

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