Opening Reception for the The E Word

Opening Reception for the The E Word

Many thanks to everyone who made it out to the opening reception for my first solo show!  It was a great opening!

People started to arrive right on the dot, and before long, friends and art fans were arriving so quickly that I did not get to meet at least a couple of dozen guests (sorry!), nor talk to quite a few of my friends!  The good advice I got from another artist was indeed accurate: “Think of it like a wedding, you won’t be able to have a complete conversation with anybody, but they won’t mind.”  At least I hope no one minded!

It was so wonderful that so many of my friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in years, showed up.  And I met so many new people, too.  I sold three paintings and got a lot of wonderful compliments on my work.

The Treachery of Others
The Treachery of Others

The reception was scheduled to go from 7:00-10:00pm, but we were all having so much fun that it lasted until well after midnight.  The great band, The Treachery of Others, even played an extra set.

We had a wonderful spread of food — from fruit to nuts and everything in between, it seemed, and it was nearly all consumed by the end of the evening.  One of the friends of Bay6 smoked a salmon for the opening, which was completely consumed before the night was out.  Cantanker Magazine had also hosted a performance in the Big Medium studio three bays down from Bay6.  Part of the performance included a butter churner of sorts with a guitar neck that indeed made music.  After their performance, they donated cups and cups of whipped cream made from the musical butter-churner.

If you missed the opening, you can still see the exhibit, which continues through November 1st at Bay6 Gallery, open on Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00-5:00pm.  (See the calendar to the right for available dates and times).

View some photos from the show:

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