New Studio Space!


Most of the remodeling that we have been suffering through for the past 4-5 months is nearly over — except for finishing a number of details, and getting my new attic office fully functioning — another month maybe for the latter, and I’m giving myself until the end of 2010 to complete all the detail work.  The contractors are mostly done, though, and we have some new spaces, new lighting, and I have been able to convert my former office/studio into a full-time, full-space studio.  Woo-hoo!

It’s a little Martha Stewart looking, since it was my former office, and I didn’t really change the decor; I’m just working on finishing it the way it started, and making it work as a studio.

I have some previous office furniture to sell, and once that’s done, I will have a empty space in front of the front windows, and I will be able to create my encaustic table — the door table-top you see in the picture above, to which I will add 2×4 legs on casters and a couple of storage shelves underneath — maybe with a cutout for my knees, so I can do some drawing on it.

I’m also thinking of creating a floorcloth out of painter’s canvas, so I can stop getting paint all over the floor.

So, I continue to make adjustments as I work in my semi-new space.  See a small gallery of photos of my studio, with some changes in progress: Studio over the Years

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