Interview with the Weather Channel

“Most storm chasers use a camera.”

— a guest at one of my studio tours

I have some exciting news! I was interviewed last week by the Weather Channel. They plan to air a little feature on my paintings of tornadoes sometime in April at the start of tornado season. The local cameraman who works for TWC came to my house/studio, set up lights and interviewed me about my paintings and why I paint tornadoes, and also shot footage of me starting a new tornado painting to demonstrate my process.

The interview took place just as we were finishing a 4-month remodeling project which had completely taken over our house and my studio, so we had to clean up the construction zone we had been living in, finish painting some walls and woodwork, hang window shades and curtains in my studio, clean house, AND I had to frame and hang 12 of the 14 paintings I wanted to display for the interview. Got everything done with a few hours left over to sleep.

I’ll post more information when I find out when (and if) the segment will air.  😀

I’ll also post the newest tornado paintings as soon as I finish them.  Here’s an intermediate version of the painting that I began in The Weather Channel segment:

Tornado with Debris Cloud, v1
“Tornado with Debris Cloud” Encaustic on Cradled Panel 10″ x 10″ © 2010 Marilyn Fenn

View a little gallery of all my earlier tornado paintings.

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