• My Art

A small selection of some of my painting and drawing series over the decades (series referenced in posts on this blog). More of my recent work can be viewed at my official fine art site and soon, all of my available paintings, drawings, and prints should again be online at my art shop (under reconstruction at the moment).

Aiming to create paintings in which the shape and the brushstroke are one

A continuing series of small, colorful, and fun water media drawings and paintings on paper

Interweaving organic shapes inspired by nature

A selection of abstract paintings in encaustic

Paintings in encaustic of tornadoes

Encaustic paintings of nuclear bombs

Life drawings from a "Drawing the Figure in Space" class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

From time to time, I like to return to my roots of representation. Here is a selection of still lifes, landscapes, and figurative paintings and drawings from art school through recent years.