First Atomic Bomb Tested on This Day in 1945

"Atomic Bomb Buster Jangle Charlie" encaustic on masonite 10" x 8" © 2007 Marilyn Fenn
“Atomic Bomb Buster Jangle Charlie” encaustic on masonite 10″ x 8″ © 2007 Marilyn Fenn

I suppose that sounds more like a political statement than one on art, but as I’m working on a large series of paintings of nuclear bombs, it really is a statement about my art.

I envision painting about 100 paintings of nuclear bombs, which would be just a drop in the bucket compared to how many nuclear bombs exist on our planet today.

OK, so it’s a little political, too, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

There is both a power and a beauty in the fractal qualities of the cloud-like forms of nuclear bombs — and hurricanes and tornadoes — that fascinates me.  They make a great subject for painting my small encaustic paintings that aim to straddle the space between abstraction and representation.  My goal is to paint really beautiful paintings, even if they are of troubling subjects — maybe especially if they are of troubling subjects — in the hope that the viewer can see past the scariness of the bombs, tornadoes and hurricanes, and see the beauty of the paint.

For me, these paintings are paint first, and images second.   Take a look at my small beginning paintings, and stay tuned for more to come.

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