Every Painting Takes on a Life of its Own

Flame Kiss
Oil on canvas
24″ x 24″
© 2014 Marilyn Fenn

This one started out as an attempt to reproduce at a larger scale a small acrylic from last summer…and it wasn’t working. I began to rework it in oil at the beginning of this year, and maybe it’s done now…not sure. I need to live with it for a bit and see what else, if anything, needs to happen.

Here is the painting as it was yesterday:

Flame Kiss, v1 – oil painting by Marilyn Fenn

Here is the small painting it was modeled on (quite a change, huh?):

“Composition Number 6, 2013,” Acrylic on panel, 8″ x 8″, © 2013 Marilyn Fenn

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