Arthouse 5×7 Show

5x7 2008 - My Paintings

This week’s paintings are two 5×7’s that were donated to the Arthouse at the Jones Center.

The Art Splurge and Exhibition begins on May 17th, with an opening from 7:30 – 10pm.

Artists Talk at Austin Metrohouse

Artists Talk at Austin MetrohouseWe went to a really nice exhibit today in the modern architecture setting of Metrohouse, where they were showing the work of 3 local artists: Andrew Long, Steven Dubov, and Roi James. Great venue in which all the work looked fabulous!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Andrew’s — of both his work and his person. He showed a lot of small paintings I hadn’t seen before, and several of the tiny 8×8’s, including one of my very favorites. He also showed his latest large works and some beautiful medium-sized pieces.

I love how his work is informed by his years of experience as a choreographer. You can enter his paintings in one place, imagine yourself sliding under or behind a shape and coming up between several of the other shapes.

Stephen Dubov’s work is really something…he’s using windshield glass and breaking and bending it, then tying it together with bolts and cables and weights in some incredible ways. He compared his work to humans — fragile and vulnerable, yet sharp and tough. He talked about art and beauty over the last many decades — in the ’40s, when art and beauty got a divorce, as he put it; then in the 50’s when art started abusing beauty. Now, he hopes there may be a reconciliation. He’s courting beauty.

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Blue Genie 2007

Blue Genie 2007

This was my booth at the Blue Genie Art Bazaar.  I love the way they organize this show.  You set your stuff up, and they man the show, take the sales, and sent you a check when the almost month-long show is over.  Al you really have to do is make sure your keep replenishing your work.

Artspoken 12×12 Opening

Artspoken 12×12 Opening

Wow! It was packed! We arrived almost at 6 on the dot, and the small gallery was already extremely crowded! It stayed that way the entire time, too.

Several people I knew showed up, even though I hadn’t managed to get my second invitation sent out to everybody. Met a couple of the women who run the gallery, who were both so very nice to me. They hung

It’s a nice space, too. I’m not sure you could have fit one more painting on the walls, though. 🙂

East Austin Studio Tour 2007

East Austin Studio Tour 2007

The tour this year was great. Even with a little rain on Saturday, over 110 people did make it to my little home studio for the tour. I believe most of the people who came had specifically picked out my work to come see. Considering there were about 210 artists and over 100 studios on the tour this year — and that my studio is not located in the thick of East Austin — I’m very happy that many people managed to make it here.

People loved my color, loved the new abstracts, and the poppy paintings were extremely popular. I had to deliver the originals of the poppy paintings to Artspoken Gallery on Friday for the 12×12 show coming up in 2 weeks, but I had made some full-size Giclee prints of them, and archivally mounted the prints on cradled gesso board, so they served as an excellent stand-in for the originals.

The tornado series was quite popular as well. One of the guests asked if I had painted them on location, En Plein Aire(!). Ha! I wish. But I’d have to paint really fast! 🙂

One darling young man who was among the crowd late on Sunday said he’d been to so many studios with dark work, he really wanted to end his day on a happy note, and so came here.

I think the only downside to doing the tour is that I can’t go ON the tour! I would so love to have been able to visit so many of the other artists’ studios.

WAR-Artists Respond Opening

WAR-Artists Respond Opening

It was a great opening with huge crowds! Most of the comments on the show were about what a fabulous show it was – and what a great variety of art of such high quality there was.

I got a lot of wonderful comments on my work, especially on the digitally-manipulated photo and encaustic piece “What Have We Become?”  A number of people told me how powerful they thought it was.

I also got some great comments on my nuclear bomb paintings.  One guy said they were such unexpectedly cheerful little nuclear bombs; another painter in the show told me they looked like they were skipping to school!  Dare I say, mission accomplished?

View a few pics from the show below.

Upcoming Events

EAST 2007

Three Shows

It’s confirmed: I will be opening my home studio again this year for the East Austin Studio Tour, Nov. 17th, and 18th, 10am – 5pm. Check my website or calendar for more specific details as the time approaches.

Then, I will have some work available for purchase at the Blue Genie Art Bazaar, from December 6th through the 24th. Again, check the website or calendar for more details.

But even before those, I found out today I will have some work in the show at the Dougherty Arts Center, titled “WAR-Artists Respond.” The show starts Nov. 1st and continues through Nov. 27th.

AVAA 30th Anniversary Opening…

…was great! The place was packed with folks all evening long!

"Tornado - Kansas - June 1, 2004" Encaustic on Masonite, Mounted on Plywood Mat and Framed 8" x 10" -- O.D. 15" x 11" ©2006 Marilyn Fenn "Tornado - Clay, AZ" Encaustic on Masonite, Mounted on Plywood Mat and Framed 8" x 10" -- O.D. 15" x 11" ©2006 Marilyn Fenn
TOP: “Tornado – Kansas – June 1, 2004″ Encaustic on Masonite, Mounted on Plywood Mat and Framed 8″ x 10″ — O.D. 15″ x 11” ©2006 Marilyn Fenn
BOTTOM: “Tornado – Clay, AZ” Encaustic on Masonite, Mounted on Plywood Mat and Framed 8″ x 10″ — O.D. 15″ x 11″ ©2006 Marilyn Fenn

Quite a few of my friends came by, and I ran into several other people I knew from other venues. The music by the Atlantics was really good; there was plenty of wine and some great food.

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AVAA 30TH Anniversary Exhibit

"Tornado - Clay, AZ" Encaustic on Masonite 8" x 10" © 2007 Marilyn Fenn
“Tornado – Clay, AZ” Encaustic on Masonite 8″ x 10″ © 2007 Marilyn Fenn

Juried Show at The Dougherty:

avaa-30th-anniversary-postcardA couple of my paintings have been chosen for the Austin Visual Arts Association’s 30th Anniversary Exhibit & Reunion, to be held at the Dougherty Arts Center location, 1110 Barton Springs Road. The show will open on Thursday, June 28, 2007, from 6-9 p.m., and run through July 30. Music by the Atlantics!

This show was juried by Ken Hale, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for the UT Department of Art & Art History, Ricardo Hernandez, Executive Director of the Texas Commission on the Arts and Jack White, Renowned and influential Abstract impressionist painter of African American paintings.

For more information about the show, see the Austin Visual Arts Association website:

Please come see me and my paintings at the opening — Thursday, June 28th, 6-9pm.

Here’s an article about the show in the Austin Chronicle.

East Austin Studio Tour 2006

"Burning Ice" Oil on Canvas 10" x 10" © 2006 Marilyn Fenn
“Burning Ice” Oil on Canvas 10″ x 10″ © 2006 Marilyn Fenn

The 2006 East Austin Studio Tour was fabulous!   Over 130 people came by my studio, and I even sold quite a few things.  I enjoyed meeting so many art fans and seeing friends in this setting.  I had a lot of fun and will probably do it again next year.