Beautiful Abstract Landscapes by Cheryl McClure

Painting by Cheryl McClure "Little Pieces of Land IX" acrylic on canvas 36 x 36"
Painting by Cheryl McClure “Little Pieces of Land IX” acrylic on canvas 36 x 36″

Favorite painter of the day: Cheryl McClure, whose beautiful abstract landscapes I found online at the Jezebel Gallery. This is my favorite! Gorgeous colors and I love how it works as a landscape and also as purely abstract shapes. I’m really led into and through the painting by her use of color and shape.

See more of Cheryl’s work at her website; read her blog at Johnson Creek Studio.

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  1. Hello Marilyn. I just found your comments on my work due to a Google alert. How strange that my work is still up at Jezebel Gallery. I haven't shown with them for ages.Thanks for the compliments on my work.I, also, live in TX…..northeastern part near Tyler.

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