A Few More Scribbles and Sketches

It’s been so long since I packed these away, I forgot that I’d ever drawn them.

There’s nothing spectacular to be seen here, which is probably why I’d never made digital images of these before.  The bedroom curtain scene was clearly left unfinished, but I am rather fond of the kitchen scene – I still have the covered cheese board, copper pepper mill, copper double boiler, and Romertopf clay cooker, and they all still get lots of use!

Kitchen Still Life Pencil sketch 8″ x 10″ © 1985 Marilyn Fenn
Light Through the Window Pencil sketch 9″ x 12″ © 1988 Marilyn Fenn
Tree Trunk Pencil sketch 12″ x 9″ © 1988 Marilyn Fenn

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